Welcome to the Art Gallery!  All images are available to buy either as original paintings or fine art prints - please contact me for details!

I have always painted as well as taking lots of photographs! My inspirations come from primitive art, especially Australian Aboriginal and Native North American Art.  I find their abstract view of the world and dreamtime stories absolutely fascinating.  I also love their use of colours and natural pigments.  As my background is in biology, I like to incorporate abstract cell structures and molecular structures into the paintings - a lot of Aboriginal art reminds me of the cell structures I studied at university. Most of the molecules I have worked on are related to human biology and medicines, but I have also been working on a series of molecules that give food and drinks their flavours.  I'm drawn to bright colours and simple shapes, which also reflects in much of my photography.

All the paintings are in acrylic on canvas, some with enamel and collage elements.  You can view more of my work and buy original paintings or prints here at my Artfinder site.